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The Yabby industry in Australia and the world at large is in it's infancy, providing an unequalled potential for local and international markets. The virtually untapped and wide variety of markets available make the the humble yabby an ideal product for development.

There are large and varied markets, both within Australia and for export overseas. Until now, many of these markets are untapped, either because of the former difficulties of maintaining supply of a consistent quality or simply because of the huge quantities of product that must be maintained and serviced. This is one of the primary goals of ABYA™; to provide a consistent and guaranteed quality of stock for the markets selected.

Different types and species, and even the colour of the yabby can determine the appropriate produce market. For example a greenish 30gm yabby is great for restaurants as they turn red when boiled, which makes for excellent presentation. A blue 60gm yabby however is most popular with pet stores and aquariums.

Although less concerned with the quality and colour of the product, zoos and the fishing industry can take large amounts for feed and bait but they still prefer to get the units at a consistent size.

Australia is one of the most active countries in Yabby breeding and yet, even the largest of the traditional farms can supply all of their product to local buyers and distribution points faster than they can harvest them.

There are also the general open markets, collection agencies that distribute bulk to export markets and of course direct after market production into pâtés or other delicacies.


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