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EDU Trials

The EDU cells are designed to be used within systems for aquaculture production and can be expanded or duplicated for higher production output.

The cells are assembled as a post structure and float within the recirculating water or may be mounted on racks within larger systems.


Recirculating aquaculture systems can be operated at high capacity of cells for high effecienc.

The system shown above includes;

  • 10+10 Unit Breeder Station
  • 2500 Litre Grow-Out Tank
  • Bio-Filtration and Pumping

Designed for limited production and educational use, this system provides the full array of yabby production techniques from husbandry, selection and grow-out production on a limited scale.

Pictured below are the main tank which carries the cells containing the livestock, and the bio-filtration system ensuring the water quality is maintained and aerated to maximise growth rates.

Water circulation and dynamic movement is employed to assist in the self cleaning of the system, and constant movement of the livestock.

The heart of the system is it's filtration, as this needs to be of the highest standard to cope with the extreme densities this system is designed to handle.

The Bio-Filtration ensures high and total water quality under maximum loads and yet runs quietly, reliably and efficiently to minimise operational costs.

The design provides self-cleaning features as well as a food reclamation area to catch any left over feed after being placed in the primary system

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