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EDU Report


Trialing the Yabby Cherax Destructor in individual clear plastic cells (EDU)

Freshwater crayfish grow by moulting their shell and growing a larger new shell. During this moult process the crayfish is vulnerable to predation by other crayfish, particularly when in high densities. To eliminate this problem crayfish were separated and contained within clear plastic cells that can be stacked in relatively high densities. This trial was to evaluate the suitability of The yabby Cherax destructor to survive, moult and grow within individual plastic cells as part of an Extreme Density Unit. In this experiment six animals in six cells were cultured in a 1.2 m glass aquarium (170L) within a static water system for 153 days.

The yabbies cultured within these cells had excellent survival with the cells eliminating aggressive or predator interactions between individuals. The feed distribution method trialed proved functional, and our trial established a feeding strategy of 1.5% body weight per day as suitable for Cherax destructor within The Extreme Density Unit (EDU) cell. Crayfish growth rates ranged from poor to excellent, with this stage 1 trial identifying the reason for the disproportionate results.

The trial also provided important information on the fringe benefits of individually containing yabbies in clear plastic cells. These additional benefits included a very clean animal with a smooth shiny shell, making them physically attractive. Additionally, there was a noticeable colouration shift in the animals contained with most attaining a brighter more vivid colouration which varied between animals from a pure white to a vivid blue. Our findings are presented in this report together with recommendations for future trials.

About this Project.

Australian Aquatic Biological Pty. Ltd., was requested by Australian Blue Yabby Aquaculture P/L to trial yabbies in clear plastic cells to determine feed rates, FCR, growth and survivability. The results of this project are recorded in this publication.


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