EDU Cells

The EDU Cells can be used in many standard Aquaculture environments including Aquariums, Production Aquaculture Facilities as well as regular open dams and waterways. They are designed to encapsulate species in a protected area while allowing full water and aeration to flow throughout the container.

2 EDU Cells UnassembledThe units are stackable so they can be used to any desired length depending on the depth of the environment they are being placed in. The bases clip together to create lengths of container cells that can hang from overhead runs or suspend in the moving water with floats.

4 EDU Cells AssembledEDU Cells are provided with a quick-lock mechanism allowing easy access to the stock. The base sections lock together to form a rigid length post for larger systems.

The slots are designed for full water circulation and in well managed systems and waterways, all cells will maintain optimal water, aeration and feed ratios for the stock.

Australian Aquatic Biological Pty. Ltd., was requested by Australian Blue Yabby Aquaculture P/L to trial yabbies in clear plastic cells to determine feed rates, FCR, growth and survivability. The results of this project are recorded in this publication.