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Healthy adults can breed remarkably well and spawning can be controlled to provide excellent results.

Yabbies begin a breeding cycle in the summer months, when the water temperature is greater than 14ºC and day length starts to increase.

The ideal water temperature for most yabbies is 20ºC and day length of 12 hours. Given plenty of food and correct conditions, a ratio of one male to two females seems to stimulate the mating instinct and increases the chance of a successful mating.

The ideal sizes to use when mating yabbies are females of 70 to 90mm and males of 100 to 120mm. Larger females can be quite choosy and don’t mate as regularly as the smaller females, whereas it does not seem to matter what size the male is. A greater success can be found using the larger males as these can overpower the females and mate more easily.


Female laying eggs Scores of them
2cm Fingerling 3 Weeks old,
ready for the EDU


Sexing of adults is rather easy, using the images provided the difference is quickly identified.

Two holes on the base of the
third pair of legs (ovaries)
Two appendages on the base of the
fifth pair of legs (testis)
The Nippers are also considered as legs in this species.

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